Benefits of composite materials and their use in Furniture Design

In the world of furniture, there is a wide range of materials and finishes, usually adapted to the Functionality and the Aesthetic component associated with it.

Materials such as natural wood, metal, plastic and lacquered and laminated finishes are the most common and with which we are most familiar.

Composite materials: fiberglass and resins, were widely used with the introduction of the industrialization of furniture in the early twentieth century, associated with the emergence of the new design ideology pursued by Bauhaus.

In this article, we discuss the main benefits of using composites in furniture production.

Fiberglass, in a short sentence, is the name given to the material resulting from mixing a resin with very thin glass filaments under a support or mold. The result material is light, resistant and flexible and embodies the expression of its mold design.

1 Long-lasting and strong

Composite materials are used in the aeronautical, automotive and naval industries.

With excellent mechanical properties, it has high resistance to shock and corrosion, which prevents oxidation; It is resistant to UV rays and water, ideal for outdoor, SPA’s and places near the sea – it is widely used in the decoration of yachts.

It can also offer quimical resistence, a solution that avoide the damage caused to furniture when exposed to corrosive environments, such as some SPAs and Thermal health treatment facilities.

It can also be implemented on the isolation of water and refrigeration circuits in several industrial factories.

2 Design Freedom

This is one of the designers’ favorite features: The production technique based on hand-lay-up modeling, allows to produce organic shapes, without joints or apparent assembly points, which gives the designer unlimited possibilities to create and design new objects and solutions.

3 Cost Effective

Composite materials offers competitive prices and besides, it is easy handled, light, with lower shipping and storage costs. Easy maintenance, It doesn´t require any special care and it can be repaired in case of any damage, (instead of set it aside).

4 Appearance

In the world of decoration, in addition to comfort, an appealing Design is relevant and plays an important role in the configuration of a specific atmosphere. And it can be achieved! The possibility to choose any color from the RAL color catalog combined with different types of finishes: matte, Gloss or translucent, which at the same time allows lighting, is the key to successfully achieving the requirements defined by the design project, which associated with low maintenance and durability contribute to a Win Win relationship.

5 Fire retardant

Fire retardant is an important subject, especially when ADRESSING commercial and hospitality sectors, and this can perfectly be accomplished when requested.

6 Sustainability

At That Place, we care about the environment. The reintroduction of surplus materials in the production of new objects and the use of an “Eco resin” has its “Moto” in our commitment to contributing to the importance of a better sustainability.

For being a repairable material, avoiding recycling costs and increasing production. We’re hoping in contributing to reducing the carbon footprint.

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